The WAY Association was established in 2015.

Katie Mahoney from Halifax, Nova Scotia, always admired her grandparents and older family friends growing up as they lived everyday doing the things they loved. However, it wasn’t until her later experiences in life when she realized not all elders had been given the same opportunity to do the things that mean the most to them.

In 2014, Katie was nominated to do an act of kindness for someone. For her act of kindness, she chose to spend time with an seniors, who she barely knew. Katie did this because she was inspired by all the things she saw her doing for others, while expecting nothing in return. Therefore, Katie felt it was necessary to acknowledge this individual’s philanthropic character and make a day about her.

During their time together, Katie learned many things about her, including the hardships she’s endured throughout her life, but also what inspires her to persevere. Indirectly, this day also taught Katie the importance of companionship and how much joy it can bring to someone’s life. She saw how much this woman enjoyed herself that day and realized that it’s the small things that we do for others that have the biggest impact in one’s life, including our own.

At the end of this day, Katie realized the positive impact an experience such as this could have on other seniors, and this is how WAY began.