Two Talents, One Book

Meet poet Astrid Johnson and artist Windsor Arsenault, 74 and 82 years young, from Prince Edward Island. Astrid and Windsor prove yet again how humbling our oldest generation is, and how they continually want to do more for others than for themselves.

The inspiring couple met later in life and have been married for four years. Windsor has had a long love of painting and Astrid has written a series of poems inspired by Windsors work. They combined their efforts and workmanship to publish an interesting book titled, “Two Talents, One Book.”, where Astrid’s poems share personal stories, and each poem aligns with Windsors paintings. They hope to sell up to 500 books leading up to Christmas, and proceeds generated will be going to We Are Young. So If you’re not sure what to get for an elder or a loved one in your life, this book would make the perfect holiday gift. Books sell for $20.00 each plus shipping fees of $4.00 per book, and each one sold is contributing towards helping our elders achieve meaningful experiences!